2018 AASE National Conference
SUNDAY 8th - tuesday 10th july, 2018 | cairns Convention Centre, CAIRNS, Queensland

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For any information about the Conference including Exhibition, Sponsorship, Registration and General Enquiries, please contact:

Michelle Glasson
Conference Manager + Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales
e: mglasson@gemsevents.com.au

Melda Kocataskin
Conference Coordinator
e: mkocataskin@gemsevents.com.au

Dhaya Beshere
Registration and Accommodation Coordinator
e: dbeshere@gemsevents.com.au

Marisa Poropat
Finance Manager
e: mporopat@gemsevents.com.au


GEMS Event Management Australia
P: +61 2 9744 5252
F: +61 2 9747 8366
w: www.gemsevents.com.au

ABN: 30 615 654 629


Conference Secretariat


For all conference enquiries, please contact GEMS Event Management Australia on
+61 2 9744 5252.